Rich Correll began his theatrical career at the age of eight, appearing in over 100 TV shows as a featured actor and then landing a recurring role in the cult classic “Leave It To Beaver.”


    Having been brought up by one of radio’s most popular stars, Charles Correll, “Andy” of “Amos’n’Andy”, Rich spent numerous hours in the company of some of America’s greatest comedians – Stan Laurel, Groucho Marx, Bob Hope, Jack Benny and Harold Lloyd to name a few. This valuable comedy background led to a teaching internship in Vintage Comedy at USC, where Rich graduated with a degree in Cinema Arts. More importantly, it also led to a career in multi-camera sitcoms where Rich had the privilege of producing and directing some of the biggest hits on television – “Happy Days,” “Laverne and Shirley,” “Full House,” “Family Matters,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Married With Children,” “Yes Dear,” “Reba,” etc.

    In the mid-nineties, Rich became ABC’s #1 sitcom director, specializing in “family programming.” He is currently Disney’s most prolific sitcom director, staff directing “That’s So Raven,” “Cory in the House,” “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” and also directing a show he co-created for Disney, “Hannah Montana.”

    But, it was at the age of ten, while Rich was appearing on “Leave It To Beaver,” that his interest in collecting Horror Movie memorabilia began. Frequent visits to the Universal make-up Dept. and the revelation that many of these valuable artifacts were being thrown out, led Rich to first, start gathering, then secondly, start preserving them. After 45 years, the collection has grown into the finest, most complete horror film artifact archive ever assembled.

    Although Correll’s career in comedy is the polarity of horror films, Rich has become one of the foremost experts in horror film history. Acquaintances such as Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone, Vincent Price, Alfred Hitchcock, John Landis, Rick Baker, John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Peter Jackson and Rob Zombie have inspired Rich even more to keep the memory and recognition of their work alive and to assemble a showcase that the entire public can enjoy. Thus the concept of “Haunted Hollywood” was born.

Rich Correll

    David began his professional career in Entertainment in 1984 with the creation of the concert promotion and production firm PromoWest Productions, Inc. As the companies Vice- President and Co-Owner David was responsible for both daily operations and also for overseeing the technical production needs of the Touring Acts performing at the companies concert venues. Over his 14 year career, David produced a wide variety of more than 250 concerts and events each year, in venues as diverse as intimate 1700 seat theaters to multi-day outdoor festivals attended by crowds of more than 200,000 people.

    In 1993, David combined his technical capabilities with Art and Design staff from The Columbus College of Art and Design to create The Scarefactory, Inc. a three dimensional design and fabrication studio that combines art and technology to create fantastic animated creatures as well as their scenic environments.


    In 1994 PromoWest is one of three partners in the creation of the $11 Million Dollar 22,000 seat Polaris Amphitheater. David was on site throughout the majority of the construction phase of the project and went on to act as Producer for all of the acts performing in the inaugural season including The Eagles, Janet Jackson, and Phil Collins.

    In 1995, David creates his first theme park attraction which he co-operates with the Six Flags family of Parks.

    In 1996, The Scarefactory launches its first catalog line of characters and props for sale to the Themed Attraction Industry.

    In 1997, David and his wife Alice welcome son Cameron into the world on July 17, 1997. David continues to produce numerous events culminating with producing stadium tour dates for the national tours for U2's- Popmart Tour and The Rolling Stones- Bridges to Babylon Tour. In 1998, as consolidation continues within the concert industry, SFX, Inc. buys the Polaris Amphitheater. David sells his interest in PromoWest to devote himself full time to The Scarefactory, Inc.

    Since 1998, The Scarefactory has continued to grow and now services more than 400 clients each and every year. Current clients include The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, Ripley Entertainment and the Six Flags Family of Parks. Project highlights include the annual Playboy Mansion Halloween Party, featured attractions in Dubai, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Russia, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Denmark, Mexico and several projects in the UK including the Edinburough Dungeons and Dragon Quest at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland for the 12th Duke and his family.

    In 2008, David is approached by The History Channel to create and star in the 9 episode series “Surviving History”, showcasing his company’s unique design and fabrication talents.

David Fachman